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You can easily increase your Deposit for 5 (five) Euros, just inviting your friends to place ads for Rent-Sale.eu!
In just 2 steps!

Visit Rent-Sale.eu as a registered user. If You have not yet registered, sign up. It takes less than a minute.
Enter the email address of your friend in the Form of an Invitation (see below) and send the Invitation. It is important that your friend signed up for Rent-Sale.eu using link, presented in the Form of an Invitation. Only in this case, we will be able to connect your accounts Rent-Sale.eu.
After registering at Rent-Sale.eu, your friend will be able to publish ads. As soon as your friend will pay for the publication of the advertisement, Your Deposit for Rent-Sale.eu will be increased by 5 (five) euros! Every time Your friend will pay for the publication of a new (next) ad, Your Deposit for Rent-Sale.eu will rise by 5 Euros!

Sure, You have more than one friend! Send Invitation to all your friends! Imagine how big Your Deposit can be, if all Your friends sign up for Rent-Sale.eu and will actively use the services of the portal! Each payment of your friends will increase Your Deposit 5 (five) Euros! 

It is important to be among the first! Bettr for You, if You will invite your friends, not they invite You ;-))) In this case, You are more likely to accelerate the increase of your Deposit for Rent-Sale.eu. All in your hands! We wish You good luck!

Our capabilities - your success!

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